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Full name Gustavus Orteil
Weapon Knives
Affiliation Syndicate 33


Wingus is a character from Where There's Smoke. He is one of the main characters of the first two chapters, alongside Funguy, Tooligan, and June.


Wingus was born Gustavus Orteil sometime less than 20 years before the events of the comic. He was raised in Blackwater Bay until the death of his parents, of which he and his younger sister Sal promptly became orphans.

During an attempt to steal food, Sal gets kidnapped by pirates and taken aboard a ship, of which Wingus steals another ship to attempt to save her. A storm at sea knocks Wingus unconscious, to which he wakes up on the coast of northern Etowana.


Despite his childlike appearance, Wingus is the kingpin of an increasingly dangerous drug cartel known as the Syndicate 33, once an insurgent organization that he unintentionally sabotages in order to sell spacew33d. Cruel and inconsiderate, he only makes decisions based on how funny he believes the outcome will be.

If the comic is ever to gain popularity, we can only hope that nobody decides to kin Wingus, for he is a complete and utter piece of shit that no one should see as a role model, even ironically.

He also has a pet possum named Jason.

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