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Windows software

dude i love software. software is so cool. there's all kinds of cool software out there

The basics


  • File Converter - Convert any file by right clicking it. Insanely quick and easy.
  • PowerToys - Some convenient tools from Microsoft themselves.
  • NirSoft - Loads of portable utilities for your system, desktop, network, and more.
  • Sysinternals - Even more useful utilities, and a lot of them. It would take a while to explain them all.
  • WinCompose - Easily type special characters.
  • Everything - Locate files and folders by name instantly.
  • Greenshot - Screenshot directly to clipboard, file, or Imgur.


  • Winaero Tweaker - The quintessential tool for fucking with your Windows installation. Contains a myriad of registry tweaks to customize how Windows looks and functions.
  • Open-Shell - Start menu and taskbar replacement for Windows 7-10. You can skin it to look like anything from Windows 95 to Windows 10. Previously known as Classic Shell.
  • StartIsBack - Paid alternative to Open-Shell, with a trial. I prefer this one a lot due to its prettier themes and surprising accuracy to Windows 7. Also has a version for Windows 11 known as StartAllBack.
  • RetroBar - Super accurate replica of the Classic/95 taskbar. Not super customizable, though.
  • T-Clock - Replacement for the taskbar clock with many, many options.
  • 7+ Taskbar Tweaker - An assortment of tweaks for how the taskbar behaves.
  • OldNewExplorer - Lets you disable the ribbon in Explorer, among other things. Notably, this site has many other programs you can look through.
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