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Mac software

A list of recommended freeware for your Mac. Compared to Windows and even Linux, there's not as many options.

The basics

  • Homebrew - Install software from the Terminal, as simple as “brew install discord”.
  • Simplenote - Just like Notes, but cross-platform. Has a better web client than Notes, as well as an Android app.
  • Paintbrush - A very basic alternative to MS Paint. Good for quick crops and aliased doodles.
  • Pinta - A clone of Paint.NET with all the same features and compatible palettes, even. It runs in Mono, which can be unstable.
  • Keka - An (un)archiver for when the built-in one doesn't do the job. Can be set as default.
  • Cyberduck - FTP client. More features than FileZilla, including dark mode. However, it nags for donations, and the icon's creepy.
  • CotEditor - Very lightweight code editor.
  • OBS - Screen recording and streaming.
  • qBittorrent - Torrenting.


  • Tiles - Organize windows by dragging, just like on Windows. Make sure to have it launch on startup.
  • LiteIcon - Change app icons. You can change the system icons if you disable SIP. Here's a good site for Big Sur style icons.
  • If you want to change icons on macOS 11 or newer, see here.
  • AppCleaner - Properly uninstall applications, with all the excess shit they leave behind as well.
  • OnyX - Utilities for system maintenance as well as hidden customization options.

Software that costs money

You can find these all on rutracker or the r/Piracy wiki. Use a VPN.

  • Final Cut Pro - Video editor, best used with a trackpad. See here for system requirements.
  • Logic Pro - GarageBand on steroids. See here for system requirements.
  • Parallels - Virtualization at its finest. I've found this runs much faster than VirtualBox and even VMware Fusion.
  • Transmit - Another FTP client with more features than FileZilla.
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