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Where there's smoke, they pinch back.

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Kaj Strife
Kaj as drawn by TwoHeadedAnimal
Born 2002
Aliases Fried Rice, Rachel, Rachael
Affiliation Propaganda Kid, CHiBiM4FiA, Rawrdcore Records
Links kaj.gay

Kaj Strife

Kaj Strife is a famous rapper. After a change of name and pronouns, she is back to rap about foreskin for as long as the FBI will allow it.

She's the author of Where There's Smoke and a member of Propaganda Kid and CHiBiM4FiA. When not rapping, she's a pink dog named Rachel. Prior to 2019, she was Fried Rice.



Title Producer Released
GEOCITIES ida August 9, 2021
northwest water noxw May 24, 2021
bogos binted 2a03fox May 24, 2021


Title Artist Released
downcast omniq July 24, 2021
distant mirror 2a03fox July 19, 2021
system32 2a03fox July 17, 2021
xux2 I Am a Knife April 23, 2021
post irony is overrated anyways I Am a Knife April 23, 2021
intro I Am a Knife April 23, 2021


Kerovee Girlfox

Kerovee is Kaj's first fursona, a fennec fox originally designed by JezyJex. She is used for most of Kaj's musical branding. Kerovee has tan/brown fur and a distinguished mouth of comically sharp teeth.


Frozen Yogurt

Frozen Yogurt (aka Froyo or Jo) is Kaj's second fursona, a dog/bunny designed by rollie. Froyo has pink fur, blue hair, and often wears a green hoodie.


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