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Where there's smoke, they pinch back.

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Full name Seraph Juniper
Weapon Black magic
Affiliation Syndicate 33


June is a character from Where There's Smoke. She is one of the main characters of the first two chapters, alongside Wingus, Funguy, and her brother Tooligan.

She is a catgirl mage, specializing in both black and white magic.


Born Seraph Juniper, she and her brother Tooligan were born in urban Etowana and grew up as orphans without any recollection of their parents. While searching for shelter, they were eventually taken in by Syndicate 33, of which the two played a greater part in as they got older.

In her youth, June was infatuated with Warriors, the ancient texts detailing the history of catkind. As she spent more time in the library, she researched blue magic, however failing to harness the arts herself. She went on to learn black and white magic instead.

Prior to the events of Where There's Smoke, June and Tooligan partake in an invasion of a Papermaker airbase being constructed, stealing a plane and crashing it in the highlands north of the city. The two go on to meet Wingus and Funguy, eventually embarking back to the city to find that the Syndicate had been seemingly eradicated.

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