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Fried Rice

Fried Rice is a retired alias of Kaj Strife, active from 2016 to 2019. Under this name, she released comedic rap music, most often with production handled by DJFruitloops.

The project gained minor notoriety online, with songs such as “Wii Sports” gaining popularity due to people trying to find the actual Wii Sports soundtrack on Spotify.

Much of the music released under Fried Rice still holds relevance to the canon, with many songs focusing on Risotto Pavarotti and Jesse Papermaker.



  • The Perfect Nut (2017)
  • Iced Tea Memes (2017)
  • Death has a Shadow (2018)


  • Schwompilation (2021)
  • I Fucked a Turkey - ぬれる & あつい (2017)
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