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Beetle Supreme
Beetle Supreme holding a bottle of dextromethorphan
Species ???
Gender ???
Organization Infinity Industries

Beetle Supreme

Beetle Supreme is an insect-like humanoid that lives in your walls. At night, he comes out to listen very closely to your appliances and act very insane and annoying.

The character was first awakened as a guy of Hushy in 2014, then disappearing for years before reawakening within Infinity Industries on the Halloween of 2021, October 31st.

Sometimes, when he's feeling especially feisty, he has an innate desire to fight someone. This may go on for several hours.

Beetle Supreme is a fighter. He cares about his friends. He takes the blows when there's no one else to do it for him. He enjoys cough syrup because it's the only place that he can go to hide away and face his tears.

He would be a college student. He might go to college. Not sure yet. Stay tuned bros.

Personal life

Beetle Supreme has a foot fetish.

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